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was founded by Engineers with the understanding that we would never want to be just another Machine Tool or Automation Company but instead that we would always focus on being a Manufacturing Engineering company. We believe that the tools and machines we provide are the tangible form of the value we provide to our customers in terms of Engineering.

As we continue to grow the business, we continue to focus on Engineering. This effort can be realized through our R&D efforts, Engineering Consultations, and technical support for current production operations. There are companies that offer Mechanical Engineering support and a few that provide both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering services. We are one of the rare companies that can augment our Mechanical and Electrical skills with Chemical Engineering support; all under one roof here at TECHCOR LIMITED


We regularly utilize the combination of these three disciplines to the advantage of our customers. In fact, it is becoming rare that we are not involved in projects that require at least some of each discipline. Manufacturing processes have become advanced enough that having expertise in all three disciplines is critically important. This allows us to engineer the chemical requirements of a process such as lubrication and cleaning along with the foundation of mechanical systems all the while being controlled by the controls engineering capability of our electrical support staff. We look forward to assisting on your projects by leveraging any one or more likely all of these disciplines with our in-house capabilities.

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